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The Department of Taxation and Finance annually produces a mandated dataset of credit activity under the General Business Corporation Franchise Tax (Article 9‐A) to help analyze the effects of the claims.
The data used to generate this report come from an annual study file based on the latest available data drawn from New York State corporation tax returns. The totals in the summary datasets may not match the detail datasets due to rounding and disclosure requirements. The totals in the summary datasets may not match the detail data due to rounding and disclosure requirements. Total values for numbers of taxpayers and amount of credit, in addition to mean and median credit, were computed using all taxpayers in the study file.

A series of datasets presents profiles of the credits distributed by different subgroupings. These include:
• Summarization of tax credit activity by credit and component
• Summarization of tax credit activity by credit, component and basis of taxation.
• Summarization of tax credit activity by credit, component and NAICS industry description.
• Summarization of tax credit activity by credit, component and the size of the credit used.
• Summarization of tax credit activity by credit, component and the size of the entire net income of the taxpayer.

Secrecy provisions preclude providing all subgroupings for all credits and also generally require the omission of credit refund data. These datasets only contains data for corporate franchise taxpayers filing under Article 9-A. It does not include statistics for taxpayers filing as banks under Article 32 (however, starting in 2015 banks and general business corporations will file under the same tax article, Article 9A), insurance companies filing under Article 33, or taxpayers filing under any of the various sections of Article 9. Nor does it provide data for taxpayers claiming credits under Article 22, the Personal Income Tax. These taxpayers claim credit by virtue of being sole proprietors or as recipients of credit that originated with flow-through entities (i.e., S corporations, limited liability companies, or partnerships).

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There are several notable limitations of data use. First, data cannot be disclosed where there are fewer than three taxpayers reporting values. However, to prevent data users from backing into the undisclosed data, corresponding data suppression had to occur in another categorical range. These suppressed data items often had observations greater than three. For credits where a limited number of claims trigger disclosure provisions, only credit component totals are displayed. In some cases, specifically in tax years 2001 through 2010, even this level of aggregation is not sufficient and consequently there is no data provided for certain credits. However, beginning with tax year 2011 all credits will be reported. Therefore, a disproportionate number of zeros may be present signifying a lack of credit utilization. Second, the datasets only contain data for corporate franchise taxpayers filing under Article 9-A and do not include credit claimed under other articles of the tax law. Third, due to the use of fiscal (as opposed to calendar) year periods and statutorily-permitted filing extensions, the Tax Department does not have complete data for a tax year until several years later. Accordingly, the data in this dataset may not accurately portray the magnitude of the fiscal impact of these credits in the most recently reported fiscal year. Other limitations include data not reflecting changes made in the course of an audit or resulting from an amended filing. Amounts carried forward from one year may not match amounts reported as carried in for the following year for several reasons. Audit adjustments in one year will change the utilization of credit in future years. Changes in the filing composition of a taxpayer due to mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures may impact the amount of credit reported. Some taxpayers may go out of business altogether. On the Department’s internal file from which this dataset is compiled, credit carry forwards are not perpetuated in the absence of a credit form. If a taxpayer fails to file a credit form, the amount of credit carried forward is eliminated from the file. Furthermore, historical data presented in these datasets may differ from that presented in archived reports posted on the Department’s website. This can occur as a result of changes made to the data collection process and minor adjustments made to the original data files. In certain limited instances, errors made on either prior or current year credit claim forms may also result in discrepancies. Lastly, legislative changes may impact the computation of particular credit components in different tax years. Where this occurs, it is noted in a footnote specific to the impacted credit.
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