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THIS VIEW AND WEB LINK WILL BE REMOVED ON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2017. Users will not be able to access this view after December 1, 2017. Please refer to the INTERACTIVE MAP on NYSERDA’s website at for more information on solar electric (PV) projects throughout New York State. Stacked bar chart depicting annual electricity production of completed projects reported by NYSERDA. Solar Electric Programs Reported by NYSERDA; Beginning 2000 dataset includes the following data points for projects completed and in the pipeline (not yet installed) in the Incentive Program beginning December 2000: Project number, city, county, state, zip code, sector, program type, solicitation, electric utility, purchase type, date application received, date completed, project status, contractor, primary inverter manufacturer, total inverter quantity, primary inverter model number, primary PV module manufacturer, total PV module quantity, primary PV module model number, project cost, incentive amount, total nameplate capacity, expected annual kilowatt-hour production, remote net metering, affordable solar, community distributed generation project and Green Jobs-Green New York participant. Blank cells represent data that were not required or are not currently available. Contractor data is provided for completed projects only, except for Community Distributed Generation projects. Pipeline projects are subject to change.
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New York State Energy Research and Development Authority Solar Electric Programs
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